Many of the UK asylum and immigration lawyers who set up RLS-Athens had spent time in Greece and France where they witnessed the realities faced by those seeking sanctuary or family reunification in Europe. Refugees are denied access to justice due to severe administrative, legislative, practical obstacles, insufficient information and misinformation, and a lack of legal assistance. They are trapped in Greece, living lives in limbo.


To show solidarity with refugees and our Greek colleagues who represent them, our small team of lawyers set up a pro bono law clinic in April 2017 where refugees can seek free legal support for their asylum or family reunification cases. Initially relying on a grant from the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association, we have since received grants from other institutional and individual funders who enable us to continue to run the clinic.


In our experience, asylum claims are often won or lost at the initial stages where the quality of a witness statement or an understanding of the necessary evidence can make a difference between grant and refusal of refugee status. Without legal assistance, it is extremely difficult to navigate the legal maze allowing refugees to apply to be reunited with family members elsewhere in the EU.


To recognise its achievements, RLS-Athens has been awarded the Lexis Nexis Pro Bono Award 2018.




Provide free asylum and family reunification assistance


We provide free legal support to refugees.


We work in close partnership with SolidarityNow - a Greek NGO dedicated to supporting those most affected by the economic and humanitarian crisis in Greece. RLS-Athens is currently based at the Impact Hub, along with numerous other civil society organisations.


We work predominantly on Dublin III family reunification cases. Lawyers assist refugees with the preparation of witness, country and medical evidence to support their asylum claim or family reunification application. We collaborate with grassroots organisations and community centres in Athens - including the Khora Community Centre where the clinic was initially based at and Velos Youth Delivered by RYS - to reach those refugee communities who would otherwise be left without representation. 


Share UK law experiences with Greek colleagues


We are working closely with our Greek colleagues who represent refugees before courts and tribunals. We share our experiences from a mature asylum system and provide ideas for strategies on how to achieve positive outcomes for cases.


Our UK volunteer lawyers hold information sessions and workshops with Greek lawyers and non-governmental organisations to create a forum where information and knowledge can be shared about best practices across the EU Common Asylum System and key legal and policy developments on migration impacting refugees.


Foster skills development amongst refugee communities


To contribute to the integration of those we assist into the local community, we employ three refugees as interpreters so they develop transferable skills.


RLS is a registered Greek urban non-profit company or "AMKE", whose articles of incorporation can be found below: