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SolidarityNow consists of a network of people and organizations whose goal is to assist and support those most affected by the economic and humanitarian crisis in Greece. Through the provision of services to both the local Greek and migrant populations, SolidarityNow seeks to restore the vision of a strong Europe based on solidarity and open values. RLS and SolidarityNow formed a partnership in May 2018 where the two legal teams, RLS and SolidarityNow,  merged into a fruitful cooperation that is infused with  solidarity among UK and Greek lawyers. The vision of this partnership is to increase the capacity of the legal team and to bring in experience of the older UK  asylum and legal aid system. Under the same roof, RLS and SolidarityNow joined their forces to offer high quality legal advice and representation to asylum seekers and refugees in Athens, learn from each other and grow by mutually exchanging expertise and know-how on a daily basis.

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