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Velos Youth delivered by RYS is an organization in the centre of Athens committed to provide a safe space for young people aged 16-21 where they can access recreational activities, a supportive network of people their age and a very friendly and well trained staff of psychologists, caseworkers and educators. RLS and Velos started their partnership in September 2018 with a view to give young individuals direct access to legal advice and representation. Access to lawyers can sometimes be intimidating and complicated for young people; RLS visits the premises of Velos once a week and assesses the requests for legal assistance in a more direct way that matches the needs of people in these ages.  RLS also delivers training and exchanges expertise with Velos' staff under this partnership. Lawyers of RLS also visit Velos to answer legal questions and share knowledge with the amazing team of Velos by way of group info sessions and Q&As.

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