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RLS Emergency Appeal

The UK government is set to ‘get Brexit done’ and this will close off legal routes for refugees to join their families in the UK. It is critical that affected refugees make applications for reunification now, before Brexit. Help us inform and support them.

What's at stake?

In light of Brexit, Refugee Legal Support now focuses on assisting those in Greece who have family members in the UK and are able to be reunited using EU law. Any funds we raise with this appeal will enable us to:

  • support refugees with family members in the UK to make applications to reunite them before Brexit; and

  • spread the word about the legal effects of Brexit across refugee groups in Athens and on the Greek islands.

You can read more about the urgency in this guardian article.

How can I get involved?

Give money and/or organise a fundraising event for Refugee Legal Support to help refugees and migrants make family reunification applications now – while they still can.

We aim to raise £15,000 by the middle of January 2020: you can donate here. Thank you so much for your support and solidarity.

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