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We are in lockdown but our information should travel!

Before COVID-19 saw us all locked down in Greece, RLS were engaging people seeking protection and their supporters in Athens and beyond, to make sure those with Dublin family reunification cases had proper information and support. For those with family members in the UK, Brexit had caused fear and confusion - we set about setting the record straight!

Lavrio camp - a self-organised refugee camp an hour outside Athens

In Greece, there is no state legal aid for people seeking asylum at first instance or for family reunification cases at all. This means that people seeking asylum who have the legal right to reunite with family members elsewhere in Europe often struggle through the legal process without legal representation.

RLS gave training to teams of volunteers working on the ground in other organisations such as Khora Asylum Support and ECHO Mobile Library, as well as speaking with people personally about their cases. We travelled to places outside Athens where people are isolated with even less access to legal support and information, for example Lavrio camp which is self-organised by the Kurdish community.

Our translated information materials about Dublin family reunification and Brexit were absolutely invaluable when speaking with people. Some people could not read, so in response we made audio recordings of the legal information wherever possible.

The legal information is available on our website to be shared and distributed freely. Our staff are locked down but this information should travel ! For now, RLS continue to provide information and support online and over the phone.

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