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CrowdJustice campaign for family reunion ends - thank you!

Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for your generous donation and support to Refugee Legal Support's campaign. With your tireless support, we will help Shadi, Aisa, Hadi and so many others travel safely to reunite with their families in the UK.

If you didn’t have a chance to donate yet, our donation page is still open and will be closing soon!

Thanks to you, we will be able to

  • support refugees with family members in the UK to make applications to reunite them;

  • reach even more people who need our assistance ;

  • use our voice and legal resources to speak up and strategically challenge the systemic injustices of the domestic and European immigration system.

With your support we have exceeded our target of £20,000. We are so grateful for your warm welcome of the campaign. This campaign reached more than 700 people who donated and shared this with their peers. You've shown one more time that solidarity is strong and can’t be beaten.

Thank you again for your invaluable support and for all your comments - both mean so much to us and to the people we represent. If you want to see more about our work in the coming months, follow us on facebook , twitter and website.

If you want to fundraise for RLS in the future or just want to say hi, please do not hesitate to make contact with us through our social media, website and email.

In solidarity,

Refugee Legal Support Team


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