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Elèna Santioli's interview in Scomodo

Photo credit: @bookerphotos

Alongside a colleague from Mobile Info Team, RLS's Elèna Santioli discusses the denial of basic human rights for people seeking asylum in Greece and the EU's outsourcing of it's asylum system with Scomodo (Italian).

In the article, Elena details:

  • The illegal and dangerous pushbacks that are taking place at Greece's (and therefore the EU's) borders

  • The challenges that people face in accessing legal support ahead of asylum interviews

  • Greece's denial of access to the asylum system for thousands of people by declaring that they can be safely removed to Turkey

  • And the case of a 13 year old boy from Afghanistan who was twice illegally removed to Turkey from Greece and both times was subsequently sent back to Afghanistan

The article is an important read for anybody who's interested in the situation for people seeking asylum in Greece. You can find it in full here (it's published in Italian but works well with online translation services):

Thanks to Francesca Reppucci from Scomodo for conducting the interview.

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