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Refugee Action has launched a petition to stop the proposed Borders Bill:

"The Government is trying to pass an anti-refugee bill (also known as the Nationality and Borders Bill) that would take a wrecking ball to the right to claim asylum in the UK. It represents the biggest attack on the refugee protection system that we have ever seen and will close the door to desperate people who arrive in the UK to seek safety.

Under the bill, only refugees arriving through extraordinarily restricted “official” routes, such as refugee resettlement, will be allowed to claim protection. All others will be deemed “inadmissible” to claim asylum and the Government will seek to deport them. If they cannot be deported, they may be allowed to claim asylum in the UK but if they receive refugee status as a result they will not be given the right to settle. Instead, they will be regularly reassessed for removal, with limited rights to family reunion and benefits."

The petition can be found here.


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