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Refugee Week - Family Reunion Post Dublin III webinar


As part of its events to mark #RefugeeWeek2021, Garden Court Chambers hosted RLS to

speak about the implications for family reunion following the end of Dublin III regulations in the UK as a result of Brexit. Rebecca, Lucy, Nadia, Harry and Efi talked about the current Family Reunion provisions inside the Rules following the end of Dublin III, the situation on the ground in Lesvos, , the situation and conditions for asylum seekers in Athens, including transition cases following the end of the Dublin III Regulation and transfer delays and the Family Reunion from Europe project, the types of cases so far, fee waivers, capacity and challenges.

We would like to give special thanks to Ubah Dirie who chaired our panel, and Garden Court Chambers for hosting the event. We are very grateful to all the engaged attendees and their interesting questions that helped keep us on our feet throughout the webinar and thank you all for staying until the end, it is much appreciated!

For the ones who didn't have the chance to attend the webinar, you can access the recording on youtube here and on the event page here.

We are looking forward to sharing more about our work soon. Please do get in touch if you are a legal aid lawyer and would like to take on family reunion work with our ongoing support by sending an email to Efi at


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