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RLS info session for Danish high school students from Vejen Gymnasium & HF

RLS legal coordinator and caseworker Lucy Alper met students from Danish high school Vejen Gymnasium & HF to explain the situation on the ground that people seeking asylum in Greece face and answered questions from the students.

“In the lessons before going to Athens, we had focused on the EU, the crises in EU and the refugee situation. For us it was very fruitful to meet people who work with these topics during our days in Greece. Lucy told us about her important work and shared her knowledge regarding the complicated legal system and what difficulties refugees can have when they come to Greece. It was a very instructive meeting which gave us new perspectives”

Christian Vinggaard Jespersen, social science teacher

Quotes from the students:

"It was nice to hear more specifics about the legal system, and how people can be able to help others in need. It was inspirational and illuminating"

- Frederikke Holmgaard

"It was really interesting to learn about her job. I didn't know that there were people who taught the immigrants about their legal rights. It is reassuring to know that immigrants can know what they have right to"

- Louise Marie Fredriksen


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