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RLS is recruiting a Calais outreach project coordinator!


The Project

The RLS Calais Outreach work is a project in development. From the final quarter of 2021, RLS has supported Calais Migrant Solidarity in providing workshops on asylum law and UK asylum procedures which take place at the Secour Catholique day centre in Calais. RLS aims to have a roster of volunteer UK asylum practitioners who will join with Calais Migrant Solidarity to present the workshop once each month. The general need of people on the move in the Calais region has become particularly critical following the passage into law and initial implementation of the UK Nationality and Borders Act, including the Rwanda relocation provisions.

The Role

This is the first funded role within the Calais outreach project. The day-to-day parameters of the role will involve driving forward the overriding objectives of the project effectively, efficiently, with imagination, and flexibility. Support and oversight will be provided by the RLS Programmes Manager and the Legal Director.

For more information about RLS, the role, and how to apply, please read the below recruitment brief:

Download PDF • 291KB

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