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RLS launches its new pro bono Family Reunion from Europe project

Commencing 1 February 2021, the pro bono Family Reunion from Europe Project is a new project that RLS will deliver in collaboration with five leading commercial law firms. The project aims at utilising pro bono capacity to help with family reunion work for applicants in Greece with family members in the UK following the Dublin Regulations coming to an end in December 2020. The work of the project will also feed into strategic efforts by RLS and others in the sector to influence policy and decision making around replacements for the Dublin regime post-Brexit. The project will likely run for one year only, although there is possibility of extension.

It is envisaged that in practice the Project will focus on securing Exceptional Case Funding (ECF) for family reunion cases, preparing comprehensive referral packages to maximise the prospect of successful referral to legal aid providers. Exceptionally, if following a grant of ECF it is not possible to place cases with a legal aid provider, firm pro bono lawyers may undertake the entry clearance applications supervised by the Project Casework Supervisor.

RLS is also happy to welcome Efthymia Stathopoulou and Harry Harris to the team. Efi holds an LLB from the Athens Law School and has worked with RLS in Athens - she is now based in London and will be the new Project Coordinator. She speaks Greek, English, French and a bit of German.

Contact (for referrals) -

Referral form

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Harry previously worked at Bindmans LLP and SOAS University. She has been based in Athens since 2019, providing legal support for asylum seekers and completing the BPTC-LLM before joining RLS to supervise FRFE project casework.


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