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RLS legal coordinator Lucy Alper provides training session to Drop In The Ocean

Drop in the Ocean is a Norwegian NGO currently operating across 4 sites on Greece. Their Athens team operates in Skaramangas Camp, where they run a variety of activities for children, teens and women, non-formal English language education, and distributions of NFIs. They have also just set up an Info Hub to assist Skaramangas residents with various administrative tasks, share information relating to asylum procedures, and job search and employability assistance. As such, they asked Refugee Legal Support to provide training on refugee law - to gain a better understanding of the context in which people are claiming asylum.

"Lucy gave our (large) team of resident and international volunteers a wonderful training session on who is and isn't a refugee in the eyes of the law. She was very patient and her careful selection of words made her presentation easy to understand and translate across languages. Her information was clear and she is obviously very knowledgeable. The topics covered helped clarify some doubts surrounding "convention reasons" and what qualifies someone to be legally considered a refugee (and raised more questions that we are excited to explore in our next training session). Thank you so much Lucy and Refugee Legal Support, this kind of training is invaluable to give people a proper understanding of the situation refugees face."


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