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RLS provides training session for Safe Place


RLS' legal coordinator and caseworker Lucy Alper provided training to Safe Place International's Athens Community Centre staff. Safe Space provides a warm inclusive family atmosphere of motivation and support to all migrant and refugee communities. The Community Center offers language courses, job training, psychosocial workshops, hot meals, showers, and laundry facilities.

The training was on the Greek asylum system, the European common asylum system, family reunification as well as rights and entitlements of asylum seekers and refugees in Greece.

Since the training session, RLS continue to work closely with Safe Place caseworkers, accepting referrals for interview preparation and answering questions regarding particular cases and providing detailed information and advice wherever possible for Safe Place's beneficiaries.

Quotes from caseworkers:

"The training was very informative and clear and covered all relevant areas of the asylum process. It was well adapted to our specific needs at Safe Place Greece."

"I learned so much. Right now I'm going to tell one of our community members some information that will help them with their appeal!"

Lionel , community director:

" I really enjoyed the training and hope we do more training like this in order to understand how the asylum system works here in Greece and all over Europe as well."


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