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RLS provides training session for Second Tree


RLS' legal coordinator and caseworker Lucy Alper provided training to Second Tree, delivering three sessions on (1) the legal definition of who is a refugee, (2) Greek asylum procedure and (3) the rights and entitlements of refugees in Greece.

Second Tree is a community-led, volunteer-run, grassroots NGO working with refugees in Northern Greece. They offer language classes community building activities for integration and a youth well-being "Scouts" program.

Quotes from attendees:

"Very interesting and informative training ... Lucy was a very engaging trainer and kept the sessions entertaining with no boring parts."

"Lucy was great at explaining complex concepts and legal processes very clearly, but without simplifying them."

"The legal training course was very useful for me to better understand the dynamics and obstacles my students' families face during their stay in Greece. Awareness of their difficulties helped me to get to know them better and also improved the educational work I do with them."

"Lucy managed to explain difficult topics very clearly and was able to answer a lot of questions, whether they were strictly related to the topic or not. I already have knowledge about migration laws and was afraid to be a bit bored, but that wasn't the case and I learned a lot!"


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