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RLS provides training to MAMbrella

MAMbrella is a small Swiss NGO providing midwives who work in and around Athens who undertake check-ups during pregnancy and postpartum care for mothers and babies. If we are not driving in our yellow mobile midwife clinic to different refugee camps around Athens, we pack our suitcase and go on home visits. We collaborate with the Greek NGO AMURTEL Greece in order to provide an outreach program - holding workshops for related organisations or in refugee camps. AMURTEL is a global disaster relief and development organisation managed by women, specifically for the needs of women and children. MAMbrella midwives also provide check ups and workshops about women's health topics at AMURTEL's premises in central Athens.

"For us as a small foreign organisation it is very difficult to understand the asylum system in Greece and the way the system is connected to other asylum authorities in Europe - for example in cases of family reunification, which applies to many of the women we meet. We can only imagine how complicated these systems must be for refugees within the system! During two hours, Lucy gave us an interesting insight into very complex topics (the asylum procedure in Greece, the Dublin Regulation, rights and entitlements of asylum seekers in Greece) and we are very grateful to her for this engagement. This knowledge will certainly help us when we are confronted with questions in the future. Furthermore, Lucy gave us an overview of organisations working in Greece, so we can now give the women we work with contact addresses where they can expect professional help. We are also grateful that Lucy has been available to answer questions outside the training, when our team need urgent assistance! Thank you very much for your valuable work."


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