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RLS provides training to OMID foundation

RLS' legal coordinator Lucy Alper has provided training sessions to fellow NGOs working with refugees in Athens, including the OMID foundation.

Golcher, Head of Education in Greece for Omid Foundation, explains more:

"OMID Foundation is a group of four non-political, and non-religious legal entities (in Canada, Greece, UK, and the US) which collaborate to strengthen the social, emotional, and economic competencies of disadvantaged young women, and to provide them with a sense of self-worth and with the opportunities to experience a full range of life options through self-empowerment, education and training. After 18 years of operating in Iran, OMID started to support marginalized young women in Greece in early 2020, focusing on Farsi-speaking women refugees in Athens. We provide virtual one-to-one therapy by Farsi-speaking therapists whose approach is gender-sensitive, youth-focused, and trauma-informed. Gender and empowerment workshops cover topics such as women's rights, refugee rights, reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence, civil society, and English and Greek classes.

The training Lucy provided for our staff was an invaluable opportunity for everyone to get a good grasp of some legal terms and procedures in simple terms, which meant everyone could understand communications from the clients with their lawyers better and offer them informed help with an understanding of the legal context of their cases. Her ability to break down the complicated legal understanding of the asylum process and refugee status and the possibility of asking questions at the end provided everyone with a learning experience not possible through any self-study or personal research."


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