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RLS publishes response to the Government's New Plan for Immigration

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Refugee Legal Support has provided a response to the Government's New Plan for Immigration in the context of its consultation process. The RLS response to the NPI consultation is limited to the questions addressing family reunion and full text can be found below.

RLS Response to the New Plan for Immigra
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"Taken together, the New Plan for Immigration constitutes the latest in a long line of attacks on migrants and relies on incendiary, populist and racist narratives. Despite the Government’s claim to want to “protect those fleeing persecution, oppression and tyranny”, the proposals contained in the NPI will do the opposite. RLS rejects wholesale the majority of the proposals contained in the NPI and takes issue with the problematic premise of many of the questions contained in the Stakeholder Survey.

Our operational focus is on family reunion and as a result we have chosen to engage substantively with the proposals set out in the consultation on this matter. We are disappointed by the incredibly narrow scope of the proposals and the restrictive nature of the few substantive proposals made. We urge the Home Office to take seriously its legal, moral and political obligations to facilitate refugee family reunion for the broadest possible category of family member through a totally reformed system which is accessible in every sense."


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