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RLS's Lucy Alper delivers info session to Operazione Colombia

Supporting colleagues and allies in the sector to more effectively support their clients is a key part of our strategic plan. As part of this commitment, Lucy Alper recently delivered an information session to colleagues from Pope John XXIII Community: Operazione Colombia.

Lucy's in regular contact with Operazione Colombia as she supports them with their questions about the asylum procedure and individual cases. At this session, she covered the asylum procedure and context for people seeking asylum in Greece.

"We really want to thank you for your availability, professionalism and humanity. We really appreciate that you consider people on the move not as cases but as persons with rights and dignity." - feedback from a colleague at Operazione Colombia.

Operazione Colomba is an Italian association based on the principles of nonviolence and communion with victims of conflict. In Greece, their olunteers meet the community on the move, trying to help with their daily needs. They create a safe space where people feel free to open up and share their fears and life experiences.


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