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RLS has projects in the UK, Greece and an emerging presence in Northern France. 

RLS in the UK

Family reunion from Europe

Following Brexit, the UK left the EU’s Dublin framework for reuniting refugees in Europe with family. This has left refugees in the UK isolated and family members taking huge risks to reach the UK.


Our innovative project, delivered with 8 law firm partners and Coram Children’s Legal Centre, uses human rights legislation to keep a route open for family reunion. This project is delivered by our team of legal experts, a legal aid caseworker and assisted by volunteers from commercial law firms.


In the first year of the project, we provided vital legal advice, representation and signposting to over 350 people to reunite with family in the UK. Our experience of the EU’s Dublin Regulations enabled us to identify cases caught in the transition following Brexit. We worked alongside barristers and solicitors to raise public law challenges against unlawful decisions to keep families apart.

For casework enquiries contact -

The Afghan Pro Bono Initiative

Following the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan, 300,000 people fled the country. The UK government committed to resettle 20,000 people but made no substantial changes to existing rules to facilitate family reunion. There are hundreds of people eligible for relocation who are unable to access legal advice and support that’s essential to accessing their rights. 


In partnership with Safe Passage, we’ve launched a project to support people fleeing Afghanistan with essential legal support and information.


We deliver the project with 14 commercial law firms, who provide funding and pro bono capacity. This is the UK’s biggest ever pro bono project and breaks new ground. 

In the first year of the project, we expect to provide legal advice and representation to over 120 families (estimated 500 individuals).

For case referrals for the Afghan Pro Bono Initiative, please contact -

RLS in Greece 

The Athens Legal Clinic

The RLS Athens Legal Clinic was our first ever project and remains at the core of everything we do. With the law and procedures changing constantly in Greece, we pride ourselves on our ability to react to changing needs and ensuring that everyone who comes to us gets help. 


Our support in Athens includes: 

  • Representation throughout the asylum process, including appeal stage for existing clients

  • Emergency interview preparation, including preparation for admissibility interviews

  • Family reunion to other European countries

  • Providing specialist legal support for people who have fled Afghanistan 

  • Spreading information on the asylum process for people who are seeking asylum and the agencies and groups who are supporting them 

For enquiries in Athens, please contact -

The Islands Project

Alongside our Athens Legal Clinic, our Islands Coordinator is embedded in the team at Legal Centre Lesvos. Our project here focuses on:

  • Providing legal support via casework and representation

  • Working with other agencies and groups on the islands to increase their capacity and legal literacy  

  • Act as an expert link for people wishing to reunite with family in the UK

  • Contributing to advocacy efforts in Greece, the UK and across Europe 

For queries or requests for input related to the islands, please email
















RLS in France 


The Calais Pilot Programme

We recently launched a project in Calais to provide legal information on safe and legal routes to the UK​



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