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Our team

  • Lucy Alper, Project Coordinator and Legal Caseworker, Athens

  • Anna Burn, Interim Programmes Manager, London

  • Mariana Campos d'Arcadia, Afghan Pro Bono Project Coordinator, London

  • Ellie Doyle, Casework Supervisor, Family Reunion from Europe, London

  • Zofia Duszynska, Legal Aid Supervisor, London

  • Rebecca Haack, Interim Operations Manager, remote

  • Becky Hart, Afghan Pro Bono Project Supervising Lawyer, London

  • Anastasia Matsouka, Lawyer, Athens 

  • Francesca Parkes, Calais Outreach Project Coordinator, London/Calais

  • Nick Pilkington, Fundraising Lead, Athens

  • Elena Santioli, Border Violence Research & Litigation Project Lead, Athens

  • Shamim Sarabi, Community Engagement & Research Lead, London

  • Isaac Shaffer, Legal Director, London

  • Efi Stathopoulou, Programmes Manager, London (currently on maternity leave)

  • Artemis Tsiakka, Lawyer, Athens 

Our trustees

  • Charlotte Blundy

  • Rebecca Chapman

  • Farheen Chaudry 

  • Eva Doerr

  • Annette Elder

  • Aditi Kapoor

  • Naima Musse

  • Vidya Ramachandran

  • Chris Randall (Chair)

  • Polly Rossdale

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