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Subject Access Requests (SARs) at the Greek Asylum Service - how to ask for your file

1) In Person Requests

In general if someone wants to get copies of their file, they need to communicate with the relevant Regional Asylum Office (RAO) to pick it up in person. 

In Athens there are three asylum offices and they accept applications based on nationality, for example Afghan nationals fall under the responsibility of the Regional Asylum Office of Piraeus, most African nationalities under the Alimos office etc.


However if someone is staying outside Athens, for example in Thessaloniki, then they must apply to the RAO of Thessaloniki, and if this is not possible they can sign a power of attorney for a lawyer to collect their file.


The Power of Attorney must be signed under the supervision of a Greek official. If the person is in Greece, it should be signed at a KEP or police station. If the person does not have legal documents, they need to sign a Power of Attorney at a notary. For persons staying outside Greece the PoA needs to be signed at a consular office (in this case, the person will need to present legal ID documents).

2) Online Requests

It is also technically possible to request your own file using the Ministry's online applications here


You will see there is one option entitled "Application for copies of personal file" - the application is here: and available in many languages as these online applications are designed to be made by asylum applicants themselves. 


If you do not have an authorised lawyer, you just write "no lawyer" where it asks for your lawyer's details.  Then there is no need to upload a Greek lawyer's ID or authorisation. It is good practice to follow up by email (from your own personal email account since no lawyer is authorised to email on their behalf) to the responsible asylum office, to note that an application has been filed, since sometimes the online applications get lost or go ignored. 


Practices vary greatly depending on the Greek asylum office - usually the asylum service respond offering an appointment at which the person can come physically to collect the file copies. Sometimes the asylum service asks that the person brings a blank CD.


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