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RLS-Athens with King's Law Clinic screening: The Longest Run by Marianna Economou

Our event at King's College London in cooperation with King's Legal Clinic on 22.11.2018 had a remarkable attendance. The film 'The Longest Run' directed by Marianna Economou captured the attention of the audience and raised questions which the panel of speakers tried to address. Dr Leonie Ansems de Vries moderated the conversation that followed the screening; Juliane Heider from Elder Rahimi Solicitors, Marios Kontos from Duncan Lewis Solicitors and Efthymia Stathopoulou from Refugee Legal Support-Athens participated in the panel.

The questions raised related to administrative detention of minors in the UK and Greece, criminalisation of migration and human rights defense. It was very interesting to hear different perspectives coming from people working in the field.

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