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The EU-Turkey Statement: Eight years of Violence, Discrimination, Segregation, and Exclusion

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Athens, 21/03/2024

In March 2016, the EU-Turkey Statement was issued. This statement was a landmark that set us on a course for the implementation of violent and draconian border policies throughout Europe.

The statement's legacy is felt on a daily basis by people on the move. In particular, the statement introduced the normalisation of:

  • unlawful geographic restrictions and concentration of migrants in deplorable conditions in camps;

  • the exclusion of migrants from the EU;

  • the classification of Turkey as a safe third country, preventing access to Europe.

On the anniversary of the EU-Turkey statement, we've joined a group of civil society organisations to lay out out its full implications.

You can read our statement in full below. It's available in English, Greek and Turkish.

Eight years of Violence, Discrimination, Segregation, and Exclusion-5
Download PDF • 708KB

ΕΕ Τουρκια Κοινη Ανακοινωση 2024 GR.docx
Download PDF • 728KB

(TR) Sekiz Yıllık Şiddet, Ayrımcılık, Tecrit ve Dışlama
Download PDF • 688KB

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