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Art as resistance: help us to challenge Europe's hostile environment


Art empowers the creator and the audience connecting both. It can drive momentum and provide a much needed platform for change. Help us set up the RLS art award enabling artists to challenge the "hostile environment" confronting migrants in Europe. Find our page here.

State violence at our borders

It is 10 years since Theresa May launched the "hostile environment" in the UK. This conscious exclusion, marginalisation and criminalisation of migrants and refugees has had a devastating impact on countless lives and has been mirrored by governments across Europe.

Border fences, violence, detention and deadly pushbacks on land and sea have caused numerous deaths, while putting many more lives at risk creating a sense of fear and isolation.

This brutality and exclusion at Europe's borders has finally made headlines but what we see in the news barely scratches the surface and regularly excludes the people at the sharp end of these human rights violations.

Why an art award?

Art empowers both the creator and the audience and provides a bridge between the two.

Throughout history it has provided a platform for progressive views absent from public discussions. Censored for challenging the status quo, artists such as James Baldwin, Ai Wei Wei, Zanele Muholi, Behrooz Boochani and the First World War poets have all confronted the nationalism, state condoned violence and racial superiority that underpin Europe's hostile policies. The RLS Art Award

In this spirit, we invite artists from migrant backgrounds to submit work in any medium around the theme of the "hostile environment". The four winning entries will be decided by a panel of professional artists whose heritage lies within migration. How you can help We need to raise £5,000 to fund the crucial first stages of the award. These stages will focus on building our networks, publicising the award, selecting the judges as well as planning production.

Every donation helps. Please give whatever you can afford and help us reach the 'change creators' to produce art that resists Europe's "hostile environment".


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