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RLS provides info session for MA students at the Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (EKA)


RLS legal coordinator and caseworker Lucy Alper provided an information session on asylum in Greece to 11 masters students from 8 different countries from the Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (EKA) in Tallinn: “Urbanisms of Migration - Researching the Peripheries of the European Union”. It's the first ever student-led class of the university. The students came from different disciplines (urban studies, architecture, contemporary art, animation, interaction design).

They provided us with the following feedback:

"Thank you, Lucy, for repeating the painfully obvious to us, for taking the time to give us clarity on reality, on the status quo that shouldn't be one.

...Her stories and thoughts were eye opening and I thought were incredibly dense and effective for the time we spent.

...They make us not lose all hope, make us question the subject itself, and what we can actually do, with our own set of skills, to mitigate a small part of the problem. No matter how small...."


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