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RLS provides information session for Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)


RLS's legal coordinator Lucy Alper provided an information session to Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) on the Greek asylum procedure as well as relevant history and context regarding refugees in Greece.

“Especially for Volunteers on the ground working with people who seek protection in a foreign country, it can be challenging to keep an overview of all the complex and constantly changing legal frameworks in Greece and Europe. Workshops like this help us all to connect the hardships our beneficiaries experience in the immigration system, with the needs they express talking to us.” – Leo, Volunteer at JRS Greece

“It was a very interesting and informative seminar. I liked the clear structure of the presentation. Because of that, the main aspects of the topic were easily understandable. Thank you also for being flexible, for giving opportunities to ask questions and for making time to react to them. Thank you for teaching us in this important subject! It was really helpful for us.” – Anita, Volunteer at JRS Greece

“The input of information was well structured and explained in a way that us volunteers could understand and relate to it, without being familiar with the legal background.” – Ombeline, Volunteer at JRS Greece


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